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one more thing: freedom of speech

At this point I am about 3000% over the whole Daniel Tosh thing, probably because I have read every single Internet piece devoted to the subject in the past two days. This is like when Girls first came out, and before I ever even saw an episode (which wouldn’t happen until JUNE), I read AT LEAST fifty articles and blog posts devoted to the show. Whatever! I’m over it! I’m over-saturated! Seeing Tosh.0 on the TV listings makes me cringe and back away from the remote in fear.

But I do have to say one thing about this whole “freedom of speech” argument people are throwing around. Here is the thing:people can say whatever they want. Surprise! It’s true! If I sat here in my basement and chose to throw out the worst racial slurs I could imagine, no one could legally stop me. Mostly because I am alone in my basement, but also because that’s not the way freedom of speech works.

HOWEVER. Because I can say whatever I want, everyone else can respond however they want. If someone walked into my basement as I was yelling out horrible things, they are perfectly within their rights to tell me to shut up. Whether or not I shut up is ALSO UP TO ME.

Invoking the “freedom of speech” clause does not magically encase you in a bubble where suddenly everyone has to tolerate everything you say because you’re an American and THIS IS FREEDOM. It just means that you should be prepared in the event that someone out there doesn’t like what you have to say. And guess what? It’s going to happen! I don’t even like everything I say all of the time!

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